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minnesotanwildflower: Hello! I saw you're in Edinburgh and I was wondering if you had any suggestions on little places/activities to do there? I fly out to Edinburgh in January for a while. Hope to not bother, just thought I'd ask.

No bother at all! There are plenty of things to do, visiting the castle is always a popular thing, it’ll give you a great view of the city. Even just walking around and finding a pub or cafe (there are loads) down some side street is a nice thing to do. 

Take a look at thisisedinburgh, it has plenty of info and will be able to tell you about comedy shows, gigs, art shows etc. that will be on when you’re here! 

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Philippine Chaumont by Romain Pivétal
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Prénom Carmen 1983, Jean-Luc Godard
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I’m currently sorting out the drafts here and there are a few shots from months ago, that I never shared. This is one of my favorite shots I took so far, even though it hid there for quite some time. I feel like submitting it to you, so it’s even more special (well at least to me). Hope you like it.

I’m glad you decided to share it, instead of keep hiding it, because it really is a beautiful shot! And I’m absolutely honoured you decided to share it with me because, as you know, I’m a huge fan of your work. Thank you so much!
What I love about this photo is the soft day light accenting your beautiful figure and creating such interesting forms. Very nicely captured. Also the fact that you’re standing in-between curtains really gives this photo a ‘voyeuristic’ feel to it. Which I think is always an interesting theme to use for any kind of artwork. Combined with how your face is just barely hidden makes for a very mysterious, intriguing photograph. You really have done an amazing job shooting this. Beautifully done! You look absolutely breath takingly beautiful uremysweetapocalypse
Again, thank you so much for sharing this! <3